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Anotherealm.com 2005


The Affairs of Dragons
by John Beachem

No Forwarding Address
by David Walton


Line 43
by A.J. Thompson

Allies of Necessity
by Kenneth Green


The Meaning of Life and Other Cliches'
by Ahmed A. Khan

Harnn: Scoundrel for Hire
"The Valley of The Wittikka"
by V. C. Hardacker


Mrs. Rosenkrantz
by Arthur Sánchez

Escape from Original City
by Mike Koenen


Trip Trap
By Suzanne W. Vincent

The Bear
By Nigel Anthony Sellars


Night Trial
by Russell Lutz


The Wolf Who Cried Freedom
by William Starr

Survivor: Moon
By W. J. Sander


by Jane Chirgwin

The Benefits of
By Deborah Koren


by Roger A. Jurack

Neither Here Nor There
by Nina Munteanu


by D. G. Davidson

Hitler Skin Deep
by David Wright


Engaging Fate
By Robin Matheson

Finding Bliss
by David McGillveray


Of Time, Fraud, and Thieves
by Rick Jankowski

Cold Iron Chef
By Charles Bush

Yes, there are only 23 this year. I'm debating whether to add one of my own stories as a birthday present during June. We'll see what happens when the time comes. Meanwhile, thanks and congratulations to the writers whose stories will appear this year. To those of you whose stories just fell short, keep trying. No story unwritten gets read. -GM

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