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Who are we?

Our "staff" as it is, consists of Webbie, who takes care of the site itself and Gary Markette our current editor. Jean Goldstrom is our editor emeritus. Some of our former editors are Gene-Michael Higney, Ann Cecil, Jack Strohl and a few others over the years.

Anotherealm.com was started late in 1995 by two insane people. Jean Goldstrom and Webbie. They both had this notion that running a "Speculative Fiction Zine" on the internet would be an easy thing. After all, Jean was a retired newspaper editor. Webbie had said of web page design "How tough could it be"? What could be easier for a dynamic duo such as us?

So it came to pass that with no clue, and no experience either. They set out to have the "Best Damn Zine on the Net"!

At that time there was little in the way of standards. There was no right or wrong way to do zines. So we thought we could do whatever we wanted to. What we wanted was a place where new writers could be published. A place where they could be seen. A place to get constructive comments about how to write better stories. We were inspired by a dial up BBS "Up in James Attic" who had done just that for local users.

So we started with a basic design on a personal home page. It quickly became obvious that this approach was really lame. The right way to do it was to get a "real" domain name. In 1997 we did just that and moved our fledgling zine to a commercial server.

Since then we have seen many changes on the web. Over the years we have learned a great deal about zines as well. We found that it takes a tremendous amount of work to do a Zine. We also found that some people thought we were on the right track, they kept coming back.

We found that many writers weren't quite ready for prime time. So we started our Flash Fiction section as a place where skills could be polished. Comments could be gathered and advice traded on our BBS.

We were mentioned as a good place on the internet to get published by "Writers Digest" in the late 1990's. This was odd because we didn't even know it at the time. We only found out about it after one of our authors mentioned it to us. We started to get so many submissions we couldn't keep up. We needed help. Luck was with us in the form of our "Fiction Editors". With their help the workload could be distributed.

Jean traded the position of Senior Editor for Editor Emeritus in 2001. Gary Markette took over as the Senior Editor keeping the tradition of finding new writers alive.

Over the years we have been blessed with some very talented authors who have written some great stories for us. We hope you can be one of them.


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