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The Reading Period Explained: (Full length stories only)

The Reading Period Explained: (Full length stories only)

The reading period is when we pick the stories that will be published over the next year. We also publish a list of the stories and when they will be featured. The only way we can do this is to pick a whole years worth of stories at once. This is why we have a reading period.

So that writers are able to know how long their story will be in limbo is why we publish our reading period. Nothing is worse than waiting endlessly to find out if someone likes your story or not. Been there, done that.

All stories received by October 31 of this year will be eligible for next years issue. Our reading period for this years issue will end on November 30th of this year. At this time we will pick the storiesnext years issue and publish our lineup.

Stories received after November 30th this year will be eligible for the years issue.

Anotherealm's submission period is year round. Writers may submit their stories at any time. Starting this year, though, we won't evaluate any story we receive after October 1 until the following year. (We may read it, but we won't judge it against the other submissions until then.

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