Writers Contests

Basic rules for the contests are:
  • A 1000 word limit. Please include a word count
  • Clearly state this is a contest entry.
  • One entry per author, per contest.
  • Submissions are closed two weeks before the contest's end.
  • Send entries to flash.fiction@anotherealm.com.
  • Writer's Guidelines for flash fiction can be found here.
  • Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror only please!
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    For December to January 2005 The topic was, "True Life Stories of the Undead". Yep, that's right, the day to day lives of those that are not alive. What do the undead do with their extended 'lives'? Night shift at the local gas station or morgue? Vampires, Zombies and Ghouls, oh my! Have some fun with this!

    * * *

    For February through March 2005 The new contest theme is 'Those Damned Neighbors"! How close they have to be to be neighbors would of course be up to you. Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror only please! Enjoy!

    * * *

    For April through May 2005 It's "The Day After". Of course the day after what would be up to you. This one is a great topic to give your charactor a real tough problem to solve. As always, have fun!

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