Writers Contests

Basic rules for the contests are:
  • A 1000 word limit. Please include a word count
  • Clearly state this is a contest entry.
  • One entry per author, per contest.
  • Submissions are closed two weeks before the contest's end.
  • Send entries to flash.fiction@anotherealm.com.
  • Writer's Guidelines for flash fiction can be found here.
  • Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror only please!
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    For October and November 2003. The topic is "Invasion!" The story has to either be about an invasion or the effect of an invasion. Don't limit yourself to a war story, although that is the image that the word "Invasion" most often invokes.

    Consider the invasion of a new idea on a society. Perhaps the invasion of a micro-organism on the body. The invasion of a religion on a culture. Or the invasion of a new invention on the market place.

    What is an invasion anyway? Who or what was invaded? By whom or what? Did anybody notice? Does anybody care? What if the invasion failed?

    These and other questions I leave to you, the writer.

    * * *

    For August and September 2003. "How I Spent My Summer Vacation".

    * * *

    For May thru July 2003. Tucker, Ohio is an imaginary small crossroads and picket fence community located in rural central Ohio. The railroad used to stop there in days gone by, now the new highway is some 20 miles south of town.

    Not many people stop there anymore, the locals like it this way. Lately though, there have been some strange things going on in and around town. What you ask? That would be up to you!

    * * *

    For March and April 2003. It has been said that spring is the time of the year for love. Write a science fiction, fantasy or horror based love story. Whats love about anyway?

    * * *

    For Jan. and Feb. 2003. The new year is here! So let's think of past years. Change one thing in history and write about how it changed the world. No, it can't be about something in your personal history that nobody knows about. It has to be in the history books or perhaps it should have been in the history books and it's missing... Historical fantasy is ok too! How far back in time can you go? 15 minutes or 15 billion years. That's up to you!

    * * *

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