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The Annual Editors Choice Award

The Editors Choice Award is an annual award from Anotherealm.com to the writer of the best full length fiction of the past year as picked by our Senior Editor and writer in his own right Gary Markette.

The cash award is raised by donations received from our readers in appreciation of the stories that our writers present.

Contributions from our readership fund these awards. When we receive funds, we send those funds with the awards. Otherwise, we award them without funds.

To contribute to the awards, please use the PayPal link below No amount is to small, all are appreciated.

To earmark your contribution to one award over another just put in the name of the award in the description field of the form.

- Thank you!

2017 - No award given.
2016 - No award given.
2015 - No award given.
2014 - No award given.
2013 - No award given.
2012 - No award given.
2011 - No award given.
2010 - No award given.
2009 - Churchy by Russell H. Krauss
2008 - No award given.
2007 - No award given.
2006 - No award given.
2005 - No award given.
2004 - "Look" by Timothy J. Bean
2003 - "Past A Spinning Star" by Gerhard Gehrke

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