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Welcome to the Archives

Unfortunately we were hacked awhile ago causing us to lose or mix up some of our stories.

There are some gaps in our archives of things that were lost but we hope to recover them at some point in the future. Some might be in the wrong catagory or there may even be a duplicate or two.

In the rush to get the site back on-line some corners were cut. If you find something that is out of whack please drop Webbie a line so he can correct it.

We also lost a database portal due to age of the software and it being incompatible with newer versions of other software. As a result our contest stories are a bit limited. Sadly there doesn't seem to be anything we can do about it.

- Thank You   

Front Page Stories - These are the stories that graced our front page over the years. We think they are well worth the read and hope you do too.

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Contest Stories - Stories grouped around a topic which changed contest to contest. We have some very inventive authors writing about some pretty tricky topics. A fun collection!

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Flash Fiction Stories - Very short stories of 1000 words or less. Yes it can be done, read on for some very tight prose.

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