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  • 2008 Table Of Contents

    Crinkles by Russell H. Krauss ©2008    

    End User by Damon Kaswell ©2008   

    A Pocketful of Silence by Tarl Roger Kudrick ©2008   

    Double Trouble by Greg Story ©2008   

    Backstage at the Writer's Studio by Barry Hunter ©2008

    All Hallowed Eve by Resha Caner ©2008

    What a Tangled Web We Weave
    by Fredrick Obermeyer ©2008

    Pretty Boy by Greg Jenkins ©2008

    Angels By Ahmed A. Khan ©2008

    A Night at Pink's by Brandon Hill ©2008

    Fitz the Cat by Russell H. Krauss ©2008

    The Screechers by James Norris ©2008

    Zombie Meth by Adrienne Ray ©2008

    Once Upon a Wednesday Weary by Allan M. Heller ©2008

    Rock-a-bye Baby by Daphne Olivier ©2008

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