”Ladieees and gentlemen, have I got a potion for you


by Ahmed A. Khan

Do you know what a twisted mind looks like? I didn’t. I do now.

I also know what is meant by obsession.

And I know the shapes of meanness.

I know a lot of things now that I didn’t know earlier.

Also, these days I have tremendous mental powers. I have a magical memory. Mind reading is easy. Telekinesis is child’s play. Telepathy is a piece of cake. What is ESP to you is SP to me. As you can observe, I am not using my mouth in talking to you. My words are being communicated to you from my mind to yours, directly.

And it is all because of my well-developed seventh sense.

Come nearer, ladies and gentlemen. I will tell you all about the wonder drug in these bottles that I carry with me planet to planet, offering it free of cost to any and all humans or humanoids.

Seventh sense?

How do I explain it to you? How do you explain colour to the blind? Are there words for it?

Consider. Is the mind aware of itself? --- No, that does not make the subject clear. I will try again --- Can a person be fully aware of the inner workings of his mind? --- No, this is yet more vague. I will try again --- How many consciousnesses (is there such a word?) are there in a human being? Is it possible to coalesce them? To make them fully aware of each other? It is. And that is what the seventh sense is. A sense to sense the senses. A sense --- Oh! What’s the use? I cannot find the right words.

Of course you know what the sixth sense is and how it works. Seventh sense is yet another advancement in the level of awareness - of oneself and one’s surroundings. You have heard of Dr. Darnel haven’t you? Darnel discovered the hormone that stimulates the sixth sense. Darnel and I were both working on the project together. In fact, the discovery of the sixth sense hormone was more my efforts than his but somehow Darnel managed to hog the limelight. Damn Darnel. Damn hi . . .

No need to panic, folks. I am fine now even though it took me a long time to recover from the backlash of hate (hate against myself, for I am Darnel in many respects). These backlashes are new to me no longer. They are one of the effects of the seventh sense.

Seventh sense. Awareness. Is there such a thing as too much of it?

When Darnel stole the credit for the sixth sense hormone from me, I worked on. forgetting family, forgetting humanity, forgetting life – I spoke of obsession earlier – I worked on and I discovered the seventh sense hormone. I tested it on myself. I got awareness. I got awareness much superior to that of any ordinary man.

As an aside, let me tell you that I often wonder about the next level of awareness. What would happen if there is an eighth sense? What would it sense? Perhaps that elusive something called the soul?

Enough. Let us come back to the seventh sense.

Seventh sense, among other things, involves awareness – internal and external. For instance, when you look at a tree you see certain shapes and colors. When you touch different parts of it, you feel the different textures. You take these sensations, these outward expressions of an object and give it a name: tree. But when I observe a tree with my seventh sense, I perceive the treeness of the tree. More than this I cannot explain.

And the seventh sense brings internal awareness – awareness of the creation of thoughts, awareness of the activities of the brain. Imagine an invisible complicated honey-comb structure with invisible cells – cells upon cells, cells beside cells, cells connected to cells, cells within cells – twisted, straight, of all invisible shapes and invisible sizes. Invisible yourself, you move along invisible pathways through all the invisible cells at the same time. And you watch – you watch with invisible eyes, different types of invisible actions, reactions and interactions going on around you, within you, on numerous levels of perception. You watch invisible impulses coming in and invisible responses going out. You hear with invisible ears, the inaudible beats of the alpha rhythm. You feel intangible fingers groping for intangible talents to use in formatting response to stimuli. You see immaterial hands rummage through immaterial memories, select some memory at random, replay it, replace it, select another one ---

Do you know what it feels like to have regrets? You do? Imagine regrets a thousand times more in quantity and a thousand times more intense and acute. No, you cannot do it.

And now here is one last thing I want to tell you about the seventh sense. In my subsequent researches, I discovered that a person who is human – the word “human” taken with all its implied universal values – can rise to dizzying heights of awareness, can become super human, without actually suffering the way I am suffering under the burden of the seventh sense.

As soon as I found this out about the seventh sense hormone, I prepared a huge quantity of the hormone, packed it in bottles and made it my mission to take it to different planets where humans live and offer it to anyone who would dare to use it.

Anyone among you who wants to take the seventh sense hormone, please step forward.

The End

Another winner from Ahmed—short, poetic and gripping. My “seventh sense” tingled when he sent this one to me. Look for more of Ahmed A. Khan’s stories in many places on the web and in print—but enjoy this one first. And comment on our BBS.