The Unity of Nothingness

by J. Robert Griffin © 2001

Blazing with anger and incredulity, Sirius faced the stars who had surrounded him. It couldn’t end like this, not here, not now. There was too much that had to be done, and not enough time curvature to do it.

The universe had to be united. Most of the stars in his region agreed with him, and not a few of the dwarves—the white ones at least. It had been a bitter blue dwarf, though, who had betrayed him.

Sirius was a large star, and was easily a match for any three of his captors. There were eleven, though, and they had combinded their gravitational force so that he could not move. He knew these stars, knew their purpose. They styled themselves the enforcers of the unspoken laws of space who meted out punishment as they saw fit. After a long silence, the leader of the group spoke.

“Sirius, you stand accused of a great blasphemy. You have declared yourself Son of the Suns.”

“That’s ridiculous! My only intention was to unite the univ—” He cut off as a nearby star struck him, creating a large gash where his nuclear energy began to leak.

“Wait! You have no proof of this! This isn’t justice!”

He hissed in pain as more blows came from around him. His energy was gushing from him now, and he realized their intent. After his attackers had left dozens of gaping holes, they abruptly scattered, wanting no part of what was about to occur.

Sirius had heard of forced collapsing before, but he had never expected to be a victim of it. It was like galactic rape, in a sense. As he became denser, the essence of what he was moving rapidly inward, he felt his gravitational pull grow stronger. With the last of his strength he did something his captors never suspected. He ceased his vain attempt to halt the flow of energy from him, and instead, began expelling it purposefully. It was suicide, but no matter how long he held out, he would eventually be nothing more than a hole of blackness anyway.

His gravitational force grew so strong that the eleven fleeing stars were snagged from their retreat and pulled steadily toward him. As they drew nearer, he began to sense their nuclear energy as though it were his own.

So warped had his curvature become that he did not feel surprise. Dimly, he was aware that what he was doing was not supposed to be possible. Since the eleven stars were in his control, Sirius forced holes in their surfaces and drained their energy. The more energy he drained, the stronger the gravity he was creating.

The _substance_ was no longer he alone now, but somehow, it was _one_. The gravitational force grew so strong that the _substance_, directed by Sirius, began pulling at other stars. With each star added, the force grew. Soon, stars were racing through space, colliding with one another, heading inexorably toward the force. Planets, unable to resist the pull, were sucked into the vacuum.

Abruptly, there was complete silence. Time and matter had ceased to exist in the black hole that comprised all that once was existence. Though he did not know it, and though there was no such thing as knowledge, Sirius had done it. He had unified the universe.

x x x

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