Just A Tad

by Loretta A. Stradley © 2002

She stands at the door in a billowing cloud of ebony silk, wearing a long hooded cape. She steps in and walks to the table near the large window. The cloak she is wearing is the color of midnight and covered with tiny stars. Throwing the hood back, long black hair spills over her shoulders. Her hair is so dark it shines with a blue light.

Her green deep-set eyes shine with amusement as she looks around the room. She knows why everyone is staring at her. She knows why the coffee shop became quiet as soon as she walked in. On her blood red lips is a small smile, a sneer of satisfaction. Like a cat that swallowed a canary.

We are sitting in the back at our usual table. Tad is in deep discussion with Steve, a good friend of ours, when he sees her. He watches her as she slinks from the door to the table by the window and can't seem to take his eyes off her.

Tad rises from our table and with deliberate grace, walks over to her. I watch him in dismay. We have been lovers for some time now. We met here. He was new in town and I was reading my poetry at the shop. He came to me afterwards and we talked about great poets and writers.

He moved in with me soon after and we shared a blissful life together. Though he leaves scales everywhere and never picks up after himself I am happy. He is attentive, intelligent, and the most wondrous of all lovers. He seems to be able to read my mind and senses my every thought. When we make love we move in perfect union. Now I am forgotten in a moment. Forgotten as soon as she came in.

The men in the room are surrounding her with Tad the closest. I hear her silvery laugh and the tinkle of chimes. A scent of jasmine wafts around the shop. Crowding closer not saying a word, they are spell bound by her.

Tad rises to his full height and spreads his wings to their complete span. Raising his long snout he bellows in a deep resonating roar that shakes the very foundation. The sorceress with the raven hair laughs with a wicked laugh as Tad snatches her up one large claw and lunges out the window with her clasped to his blue breast.

My love is gone in an instant. Never again will I see my beautiful dragon with the large crimson eyes. I am alone with the memories of my Tad.

x x x

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