If Rednecks Had Wings

by Atk. Butterfly © 2002

Richard Snodgrass, IV, looked down upon the Earth momentarily as he paused in his work. He said to a co-worker, "Looks like we're passing over my old home."

"Maybe you'll see some of your relatives," Diana said.

"I hope not. Not with all those new rednecks about to have a party. I still can't understand why they're favored so well by the Boss."

"Considering what he puts them through down there? I don't blame the Boss for letting them go bowling right after getting their ID photos are taken."

"Maybe so, but all that beer he gives them? That's what disgusts me about this whole affair. They're totally uncouth and uncivilized once they've had too much."

"Uh oh, I think the Boss is looking in our direction. Better get the rest of these pins set up," Diana said.

Richard returned to setting up pins. He flapped his wings gently to lift up high out of the way after the last were in place. Photography lights flashed not far away as a new batch of rednecks were met by the Boss and given their wings and halos. Moments later, the first bowling balls swept under Richard throwing out rough breezes and rumbling sounds through the atmosphere. They increased in intensity as the rednecks worked their way along the ethereal lanes.

"Now they're getting drunk. There's no telling how long this party will last," Richard said.

"Isn't that your son down there on the polo field?" Diana asked.

Richard glanced Earthward. "Yes, that's my son, Richard Snodgrass, V."

"He seems determined to play out the game. I thought you said he was smart?"

"Yes, he is. Believe me, he'd have the sense to get out of the rain if he knew what it really was," Richard said.

x x x

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