Perfekt, Inc.

by Daniel C. Smith © 2002

Sauntering through the factory door he greeted his co-worker as he had every morning for what seemed like ages, "Morning, Mike."

Without looking up from his work, his colleague replied with redundant simplicity, "Morning, Gabe."

"How'd the night shift go?"

Mike shrugged in despair, "Same as the night before."

Gabe nodded affirmatively. "Yep, lot's and lot's of defective products."

"The Big Guy upstairs is really getting upset."

"Oh really?" Gabe retorted. "The same guy that invented 'laissez-faire management' is getting upset? It's about frikkin' time."

"The buzz around the break room last night was that he was ranting about the 'Grand Flaw' theory again."

Gabe was flabbergasted. "Again with the "Grand Flaw'? He designed all the production programs himself. It sure has taken him a long time to suspect that there's a glitch somewhere."

The two of them had worked on the production line of Perfekt, Inc. for, well forever, in fact, and they had had this same conversation countless times before.

Just then a co-worker came rushing in.

"Hey guys, the Big Guy's going outside the factory today! Something about getting 'outside the box'?" They were both puzzled.

What did that mean, outside the box?

The Big Guy never left the factory. Why was he going outside? At that moment, a loud voice boomed throughout the factory, and indeed, throughout the universe. "Gabriel! Michael! Get out here!" He bellowed.

The two literally flew outside the factory, landing at the Big Guy's feet. He looked angrier than they could ever remember seeing him, standing with his hands on his hips, his gaze fixed decidedly on the company sign at the top of the building.

"Who made that sign?" He demanded.

The two angels looked at each other, and then at their company sign, which proudly proclaimed the company name: Perfekt, Inc.

"No, wait," He intoned, "let me guess, Satan, right?"

After a long uncomfortable silence, Gabriel answered. "Yes sir, it was Satan, in fact. He..."

The Big Guy screamed. "This is what's been wrong for the last five thousand years! Damn him! Damn him to Hell!"

Michael broke the extended silence. "Uh, you did, sir."

The Big Guy looked at both of His angels in total disgust. With an icy stare that could (and did) start an ice age, He commanded, "Just fix the damn sign!"

The two hapless angels looked at one another, and then flew to the top of the factory and set about fixing the sign.

"I'm not the greatest speller in the universe, but any idiot can see what's wrong," said Gabriel.

"Yep," agreed Michael.

Hovering above the factory viewing their work, they couldn't help but feel pleased with themselves.

"Makes all the difference in the world," Gabriel concluded.

Purfekt, Inc.(in bold, larger font)

With their handiwork setting the sky ablaze, they went back inside, to build a new and better breed of human beings.

They were confident the flaws were all gone.

x x x

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