My Love

by Miles Scritchlow © 2002

I have lived with her for the past four years, and they have been the best years of my life. The very first time we laid eyes on each other it was love at first sight. I cannot remember seeing anyone so beautiful in my entire life. Her warm smile and soft blue eyes, made me feel like a small puppy when I looked at her. Most nights we sit close by the fire, and watch its radiant flames till we fall asleep. I think she feels safer with me, so I try to protect her all the time. I am like her look out for all the bad things that are out there in the world. I protect her day in and day out. I think I would feel lost without her... she means the world to me. Every day she prepares my food for me, and I never have to do a thing in return, but I give her my everlasting love. I can eat whenever I want, thanks to being with her, without lifting a finger. She is the nicest person I can imagine spending my life with. I try to make the most out of every single day that I am with her. I wake up and get right out of bed. Every morning I go and get the paper for her, so she will not have to walk outside on the cold cement and freeze her feet but it does not bother me. I will do anything for her.

Things have been a little different in the past few months. She has been staying out later and later at night. One night she didn't even come home at all. A week or two later, she came home with a man and told me he was going to live with us. A man. A man to replace me. A man that would protect her, so she wouldn't need me. A man to love her, so she wouldn't need me. A man to sit with her and watch the fire, so she wouldn't need me.

I have never felt this sad or mad in my entire life. The man is a nice man though, and he even tries to make me like him. But no matter what he does, or how nice is he, I still feel betrayed.

Most nights when the weathers warm, and the skies are clear, I still take long walks through the park in back of our house with her. It is just she and I like it was before the man entered her life. We walk around the small green trees and the massive aqua lake. After we walked for a half and hour and grow tired, we sit on a! small wooden bench and just watch the children play and the graceful ducks swim. At times she brings food to feed to the ducks. She is the most thoughtful person I know. Some nights if it is only us, in the small hidden park, she'll even take off my leash and let me run free.

x x x

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