Astral Leviathan

by Sir Gerard Luft, KDM © 2002

"Captain, she's your ship; take the con and deck," the Admiral ordered turning to the navigation captain. "I'll be on the flag bridge."

"Aye Sir," Captain Horatio responded as his First Lieutenant relieved him at the watch station. A circular EM lift lowered from the high ceiling of the command information center, revealing the dark pilot room of the navigation bridge above. Atop it was a large acceleration couch with control sticks and various switches mounted on each arm. "I relieve you Lieutenant Goldberg."

The operations officer relieved the con to his captain and took his place at the free standing operations at the forward section of the CIC. The con chair with Captain Horatio on it swiftly rose back up to the navigation bridge.

The pilot room was a small semispherical compartment. The walls and ceiling displayed a three sixty holographic view of the space around the massive Scoutship Philadelphia. Captain Horatio worked the tiny panel of the 'engine room telegraph'. "Intergalactic Wormhole Jump Test Flight in five…four…three…two…one...mark!"

* * *

Through the expansive port windows of the flag bridge the Admiral watched as the star field was replaced by utter darkness. He gripped the edge of his acceleration couch, as he felt as if he was in a score of other places at the same time.

"General Quarters!" Captain Horatio's bellowed over the intercom. "All hands to GQ!"

"What the hell is going on?" the Admiral called as he struggled for the squawk box on his chair.

"It's surrounding the whole vessel!"

"What is, Commander?"

"Oh God, it's reaching into the pilot room. Help me!"

"Horatio, take us out of the wormholes! Now! Respond Horatio!" After receiving no answer, the Admiral struggled to his feet and half crawled to the companion way leading down to the navigation bridge. "Engineering, full stop!"

* * *

The sim projection of extra dimensional void switched off as the aft bulkhead hatch opened. Admiral Nelson walked into the pilot room. The Admiral hurried to the Captain's side. "Horatio, what did you see? What was it?"

"It was horrible," the Captain sobbed. "It was all around the ship. It was everywhere at the same time. And it was inside of me feeding on my mind!"

"Horatio, get a hold of your self! I was on the flag bridge. There was nothing there. Calabi-Yau Space is just a void, like Hyperspace. There's nothing there!"

"The Leviathan," Horatio muttered.

"What's that man?"

"The legend of the Leviathan back on earth. It's like that. The entire astral sea is its home. It waits to feed upon the minds of us mortals. Just as it fed upon my mind! It was there! I saw it! I felt it!" Horatio passed out in the midst of his hysteria. Those words were the last intelligible thing the once glorious space scout would ever utter.

x x x

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