The Golden Age

by Naomie M. Christensen © 2002

Halloween has always been my favorite holiday. It is one of the few days I can hang out outside at night. This year I was afraid we were not going to go, but my friend from the baby sitters stopped by and asked all of us to go. My sisters Emily, Sally and me are all two years apart. Everyone still calls us the triplets.

Every year we dress up like a Ghost, a Vampire and a Princess. This year I get to be the Princess. Walking through the neighborhood everyone just laughs and plays. We have been all around our block and Jessie's Mom wanted to drive further out to one of the other neighborhoods. She said they have better treats. "Susan what's taking you so long? It's almost nine o'clock. Nobody gives out treats after then. Almost everyone's turned out their lights already." Jessie yelled out.

"My dress is caught in the door!" I yelled back. It was blue satin with whit ruffles all around it. My Mom made by hand.

I liked Jessie and her family, so did my sisters. Everyday after school we would go there until Mom got home. She did work in a laboratory. She was not very clear about what she did there. Tonight we saw four police officers. She told us that is, because people like reasons to be bad.

Going up to the last house on the corner, the Old Lady had a haunted house. Jessie's Mom said we should not go. We had not been to one all night. We all really wanted to though. Another police car turned the corner. It looked all spooky inside with green glowing lights all around.

Jessie's Mom said okay. The Old Lady said she wanted to see who was going into her house. She seemed so nice and sweet Emily and Sally took off their masks. Jessie's Mom grabbed us quickly. We could hear the woman, yelling, "Clones!"

x x x

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