Ghost Hunt

by G.S. Haukeland © 2002

Every day I pass an old spooky abandon house on my way to and from work. It's the kind of house you dared each other to spend the night in when you were kids. They say it's cursed, that once inside you'll never LEAVE!

I've been planning to go in and try and get some ghosts photos. Today is the first time I've had a chance. On my way I notice some kids walking behind me. It is obvious they've been drinking. I walk faster but they catch me in front of the gate to the house, and give me a hard shove through. It hurt my ribs but undaunted I walk up the four steps to the front door and go in.

Strange that it isn't locked but kids probably broke the lock years ago. With my camera ready I walk into the living room. I raise it to my eye when a faint whisper catches my attention. Something brushes past me! WOW!

I can barely make out a dark figure standing by the stairs leading to the bedrooms. This is going to be a great picture! I move closer to get a better shot, but when I get there the figure disappears.

I can hear the whispers clearer now. They must be coming from up stairs. Yes! At the top of the stairs several orbs of light dart into one of the bedrooms! Without thinking I run after them. An ice-cold draft stops me dead in my tracks. I'm dying to get that perfect shot of the after life so I continue, slower this time.

I hesitate before opening the door a crack. A child's voice say's to "Come in and play with us." Oh my God! This is the most exciting thing that has ever happened to me! I can't even feel my heart beating. I push the door open and step inside. WOW! Two spirits are standing by the window looking down toward the street. They smile and wave for me to take a look. Honored I join them. A small group of people has gathered around the gate.

Oh no! I feel my chest for my heartbeat. It's gone! Down on the sidewalk next to the gate I lay in a pool of blood that has stopped expanding!

x x x

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