The Last Crime

by Jim Auel © 2002

Ever since the governments of the world instituted a new type of lithium into the world water supply; crime levels had dropped off to nothing. It changed the face of the world. The police level went down to almost nothing; only one group of people was not affected by it. They were called the Indomitable, and as yet no danger to anyone for years until one day.....


In a house out in the suburbs of New Jersey a group of nineteen people from this group met. They were all sitting around a table looking nervous.

"Well, where's Green Arrow?" Asked Clark.

"He just called, He had to take a trip down to Australia." Answered Diana.

There was a tapping on table. "Bruce, are you still unsure about this?" Asked Clark.

"Why?" He inquired

"You’re tapping on the table again. I hope you're not going to do it do it all during this meeting also."

"What? O' sorry. How long is this going to take anyway." Asked Bruce.

"Not long, I have to get back to work myself, my lunch time is only 1 hour." Said Clark, "I'm sure your all anguish not be late either. We don't want to look suspicious."

"Thank You, Clark. But what I want to know is, what's the word from London?" Asked Diana.

"I'm sorry, I got word this morning. James Bond called my cell phone, he is with us 100%." Stated Clark. “I’ve also heard from Peter Parker He behind this who plan as well.”

“Hey why is Peter here he was suppose to be. And holding on to information form James Bond…”said Diana.

"...I sorry, Peter got held up, I haven’t been sleeping to well. Are we all in agreement that within the 2 months time table we talked about at the last meeting? All the details will be printed in the next Indomitable News Letter."

No one had any more questions, and the room empted quickly.


3 months later......

In a chamber of a federal courtroom judge, a very serious case was being evaluated.

"This whole proceeding is unfounded your honor." Stated Perry Mason.

"Objection! Your Honor," yelled Lex Luther. He was now standing up. His baldhead shined brightly as he stood their waiting to hear from the Judge.

"Rerax Mister Ruther. Ris is just a hearing," Stated Judge Scooby Do.

"I' sorry your honor," said Lex Luther. "I forgot. I have a tennis game with Miss America later this after noon."

"Rine. But make this short, my pal Raggy, and I agreed to meet for lunch. I don't want to miss it," Said Judge Scooby Doo. Being the Rayor of New Rork City keeps him busy. I ron't be able to get another appointment with him till next ronth."

"Yes, your honor. I would however at this time like to add new evidence to this case," Stated Lex Luther.

"Thus refuting Mr. Perry Mason’s comment."

"Ro Kay, You may precede," answered Judge Scooby Doo.

"I have here in my hand a blue cloak. It's made of indestructible material." Stated Lex Luther.

"Hey that's mine," Muttered Clark Kent.

"Shhhh! They'll hear you." Said Bruce Wayne.

"I also have here an electronic device with the logo of a Rodent on it." Stated Lex Luther.

"Hey that's mine," muttered Bruce Wayne.

"Now who's being to loud," whispered Clark Kent.

"Plus this here is a copy of a very suspicious looking News Letter," Continued Lex Luther. "Both the clock and the electronic device were found at a seen of a crime to destroy the world's supplies of lithium especially

Comma Lithium. The substance that has single handedly eliminated crime all over the world."

"We can explain that!" Announced Clark Kent.

"I also have a recording of a cell phone call of a Mr. James Bond. That ties it to the scene of the crime," Stated Lex Luther.

"That I can't explain," Said Clark Kent, "Perry Mason, Tell them will work a deal."

"I heard that. I'll take that offer." Stated Lex Luther with a smile on his face. "I waited a long time for a moment like this. I never thought I would get it."

"Alright, quit your gloating Lex." Said Clark Kent.

"Revenge is best when it lasts a long time. And this deal will last a long time," chuckled Lex Luther.


A TV in Lex Luther's office is tuned to a news channel.

"This just in. The World News Network has just learned that the super hero's of earth have taken on their greatest challenge yet. With no crime to fight, they're now fighting a very old evil. Slow mail service. Superman.

Known to many as the Man of Steel, from the planet Krypton, is to be the new postmaster general for all mail around the world. He will also make deliveries himself as well, when needed. A statement from him had just been handed to me.

"I like to than Wonder Woman, Batman, Green Arrow, James Bond to name a few, for their part in helping with this endeavor. I think that I can tame the greatest evil, bad mail service. After all a job is a job, and I am glad to use my abilities to help the mankind.”

At that moment his office door opened with a rushing sound. The mail appeared on his desk. Lex looked up just in time to hear a muttered "Morning Lex" as Superman left shutting the door behind himself.

Lex just picked up the mail and starts to go thru it. He has a very satisfying smirk on his face.

x x x

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