Chicken Fat Incident

by Jim Auel © 2002

I took the small sample to have it analyzed but the test indicated that it was Chicken fat. Not that I knew what chicken fat was. They kept asking me the same thing. Where did you get this? I went over my report with them again not that they were going believe me.

Lt. Johnny Nebula 937 it was 9th patrol hour, 42 minutes into my workday. As I patrolling my beat of the hyper-drive corridor Exit 2 to 14,with my partner Gordon Slipstream our sensors pick up something strange. A flash of something then nothing, we moved in for a closer look. Ships small and large were speeding along the corridor and everyone knows the corridor is an area in space design to allow very fast travel with 120 stops on it. It's the busiest part of the galaxy, with travel 1000 times faster on this route, even if they're not design to do so. Failure to exit with care can bounce you to another dimension, smack you into a star, or place you in the middle of nowhere with no way to get back. The corridor is design for maximum safety. Its only been shut down twice in 100 years, when it did, both times galactic trade almost came to a standstill. After all 10,000 ships travel the route or at least part of it everyday. Everyone once in a while you might see a ship on the side of an off ramp because it's damaged waiting to be towed or the own is working on it. I handle rescues and such, but the chicken fat incident is strange. Never have I found or has it been reported to have such a substance found on one of the hyper-drive marks you know telling you where you are, but there it was. Why I was concerned was that strange substances could adhere to a ship and cause all kinds of trouble. We followed procedure and called for a clean up crew. The readings were different than I knew, so we moved in just before the clean up crew got there. I got a small swab of it for the lab. I might have found a new life form or a breakdown of the corridor. Who knows?

That's all I know, I told them. Like I said they couldn't believe me. When I got off work I filed my report. However the next day, you guessed it. There was the strange reading on our scanners again 42 minutes in to the 9th patrol hour. We did the same clean up crew right after colleting another sample. Then at the end of the day again I made my report. This went on for a month. I was told an investigation team was assign to the case. They came and asked a number of questions. They even watch it happen 3 days in a row. They made their goodbyes and I waited to hear about what they had found. 2 day later it stopped, for 2 day. But then it happened again, only this time the scanner indicated that it happen at two locations. The reading went off the scale, and we called for two clean up crews. I told them to make it quick. We just barely got samples of both locations. The corridor was showing sign that it was about to shut itself down. But that was so strange; as soon as the clean up crews had finish the corridor was fine. What was chicken fat any way and where was it coming from. It almost seemed to come from outside the corridor but that was impossible. Finally there it was the lead story of the Galactic Press.

Why did the Chick cross the hyper-drive corridor? A very special and rare animal called a Chicken thought to have been extinct was discovered in our galaxy. Apparently they were being launched into a yet unfinished lower hyper-drive corridor in a transport. It was suppose to have been finish 5 years ago, and the older map that one company had, was reading it wrong so it seemed to indicate it was finished. It will be in about a month till it is finally finished, so there will be a new 120 route. As the Chick transports were coming to the section of the new lower corridor that was not finished it was flying free and colliding with the first one. Chickens are not eaten or know of in the galaxy. But after this they will be everywhere, if you have stock in the Quadric Corp. You're rich if you have at least 1000 shares. They just closed out at 100,000 above what they were two days ago thanks to this story. Orders have been coming in from all parts of the galaxy. And because they're a patented animal as well, so no one else can breed or sell them. Quadric said they are back ordered for 10 years.

Needless to say as I put down my copy of the Galactic Press and called my broker, and found out that I was now a very rich man. I had mention to him a month ago to buy any stock for a company that had chickens as part of their products. He told me he didn't know what a chicken was either. He had bought me 15,000 shares of Quadric. I almost died when I heard that.

Final Report: Needless to say, a month ago I just wanted to know what a chicken was; now they had made me rich. Someday I might see a chicken. I'm off to look over some location I'm buying on the new Corridor. It's called the Hibernians Cluster, a sector away from the Quadric Corp. So really why do I think the Chicken Crossed the Hyper-drive Corridor? To make me rich, is all I'm glad of.

x x x

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