by Corey M. Norman © 2002

The front door tore open with a thunderous boom!!! In the doorway, three men towered clad in ash gray uniforms. They all looked the same. Systematically, they entered the house. From my position in the cupboard, I could barely see their forms, but that was enough to place fear in my heart. They were after us. Father said its because we're different. For the last few months, he has warned us of the coming of this day. The economy had been suffering severely since the war. That's when He took office, a man with the power of speech. He filled their minds with empty promises. He removed the humiliation that had come with defeat in war, and in it's place left pure hatred. The country began to change. In his eyes, we were not all equal. We were different. We didn't fit into his "perfect race", and that's why they've come to get us.

The cupboard ripped open. I stood breathless staring eye to eye with an archangel of death. The men dragged us from our hiding place. My father tried to fight, while my mother cried. I was too scared to move. The men were not pleased with our actions. Two of them pulled my father away from us, and held him in an upright position, while the other filled his body with holes. His rag doll form crashed to the ground, blood oozing from the many exit wounds. My mother fell silent, as she watched my father die.

As we were forced into the streets, I saw our entire neighborhood being taken from their houses. Those who did not cooperate were killed on the spot. As we marched away from our homes, we watched as some of the men set them on fire. Tears began flooding my eyes, but I would not let them spill. I had to be strong if I wanted to live. I had to be strong for my mother.

Footsteps turned into miles as our forced march dragged on into the night. I saw a close childhood friend gunned down because he could not bear to walk any further. By dawn's first light, we had arrived at our destination, a large empty livestock transport. We were herded into the empty cars, packed in so tight that it was difficult to breath. There were bodies pressed tightly against me on all sides. As the heat rose, my mind and body slipped into a state of unconsciousness.

The butt of a plasma rifle came smashing into the side of my head as I was thrown harshly back into reality. One of the officers pulled at me, dragging my body from the train. I was tossed onto the cold, dead ground. What I saw when I looked up could be described as nothing more than pure horror. In front of me was a massive enclosure. Tall rock walls surrounded the outside. In the center was a large furnace, the smell of death wafting throughout the air. Around me lay open graves filled with mounds of rotting corpses of millions. I did all I could to keep from vomiting.

Within minutes I had been place back in line with the others. As we neared the camp, or so I heard it mentioned as, our line was split into two. My mother was in the opposite line. I fought to stay with her, but the officers pulled me away and forced me to remain in my line. It was the last time I saw her. The days drifted into months as my body took on a new shape. I watched the fat disappear leaving only bones behind. Life in the camp had begun taking its toll. Sickness and hunger had claimed the lives of many of my friends. And those who had not been lucky enough to die on the own had been tossed into the chamber, where they were burned alive.

Mealtime came but once a day, early in the morning. As first light emanated through the barred windows, I lay in wait on the board the chose to call a bed. I know that food will come soon, and if I want to eat, I may be forced to kill. It sickens me to fight for food, but it's been nearly a week since I have won a meal.

Today, there came no food. At mealtime we were dragged from our cells. The officers forced us out into the yard. We were on our way to the chambers. I looked around. I did not recognize anyone who walked with me. Their faces were so thin and gaunt. I walked with the living dead, and I was one of them. The metal doors pulled open as we neared. We were forced inside into an empty room. The room was barren, except for the three silver vents overhead.

I sat next to the wall. I sat and I waited. Gas started to filter down from the vents in the ceiling. Those who were standing fell to the ground, writhing in pain. I could see death, and I knew that very soon death would claim my life as well. I would die because I was different, because I was not a clone like them. Science has enhanced their bodies and minds, making natural selection a thing of the past, but unlike them, I am a re! gular human, untouched by the ways of science. They say science has the power to heal all, but I disagree. It was science that brought me here. It is science that has taken my life. I will have nothing but a mass grave, marked by no tombstone. There will be nothing in my memory, except for the remains of this evil place.

Welcome to Auschwitz, re-opened July 2020. Six billion natural born Humans exterminated

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