Violation of Red

by James E. Auel © 2001

"What do you mean wearing the color red is against the law," exclaimed the lady?

"I sorry extremely sorry. But when was the last time you could buy clothes with that color in it," Said Agent Smith? "What's your name for the record?"

"Clara Bartlett."

"Well Clara Bartlett...You have the right to remain silent, you have the right to a tailor of your choice. You have the right to have your clothes sized to you. You have the right to a fashion consultant. You have the right to be poor, but not dress poorly."

"I've made my own clothes for years and this dress came from fabric that was my grandmothers. Hey what kind of police are you?"

"Ignorance of the law is no excuse, Clara Bartlett. I with the FRA, the Fashion Regulation Agency, and your under arrest mam."

He pulled out what appear to be a large disposable over coat and placed it on her. She was yelled all the way to the police station and to the front desk.

"Sit here," Said Agent Smith.

"What's the rundown on the woman?"

"Good Morning Echo, she was dressed all in Cherry Red?"

"O my, no wonder she covered so tightly. I bet she claimed ignorance of the law Narcissus?"

"How did you know?"

"By the look on your face." Returned Echo.

"My face?"

"I think you better be careful, I saw some red in your face. I would want to have to arrest you. Not to mention you're starting to look old. I thought that you stopped aging years ago. But the last month, I swear I saw some new lines on your face."

Quickly Agent Narcissus Smith pulled out a mirror. He looked at his face, and touched a number of places.

"O my yes. There is a hint of red and trace of thin lines on my face too." "Would you put that thing away. I was only kidding."

"Smith, Jones. Don't you two have enough work? I thought you were suppose to see a lady who is sporting a beehive hairdo on South Central Ave reported yesterday." Questioned Chief Hera.

"Were right on it Chief. Then we have to see a man donning a bad comb over, instead of the hairpiece we ordered him to get. Are you with me Narcissus?"

He was still looking at himself. He quickly put the mirror away.

"Yes, just don't joke about my looks. OK Echo?"

"Alright. Hey Nar, your hair is drooping."

He gave her a dirty look.

"Just kidding." Threw back Echo.

"Now I know why you want to marry me Echo."

"You know how to treat a lady. How many men would do this good of a job, saving men and women from their bad fashion sense. Our son Design has the gift too."

"No just so you can see me in the morning and stare."

"Are you two going to talk about your cute little family and the wedding plans all morning?" Questioned Chief Hera.

"No mam," Narcissus said, then he changed it to Chief when he saw the look on her face. They both headed out the door and off to their next assignment.

x x x

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