The Dream Book

by Naomie Christensen © 2001

The night light shined eerily in the corner of my room. Once again I wake from a disturbing dream. Looking through my book of dream interpretations the symbols are different, however, with the same meanings as the past several nights. The symbols read as follows: shattered mirror, unexpected death of relative; angels, inheritance; dark room, betrayal by friends; broad stairs, honor and wealth. Just as the nights before Death, Inheritance, betrayal and success.

It is a casual day at the office. A new guy started on my team. Immediately there was an attraction. He seemed unstable, often saying odd things that are out of place at work. Still I was drawn to him. Too bad he is not very good at his job. Somehow he finally got to sit next to me, but then I was moved away from him. The idea of going out with him preoccupied my mind. I did not want to think about whom is dying today.

It was bothersome. I did not want anyone to die. Grandmother, Uncle, Aunt it was hard to think about it. Made me feel like a vulture waiting for a death. Thinking about how to spend the money was even worse. Several people in my family are old now, but I had no reason to believe they would leave me anything. That was before the dreams. A break from my bills would be nice. The idea made feel almost happy. The idea made me feel almost sick. Perhaps it was an odd preoccupation brought about my subconscious. Who makes dream books? Why would they know what my dreams mean?

Driving home thinking of the dark arts, magic and foretelling the future. An old trick I heard of was to focus on a question, then open to a page. It is similar to Tarot. People had warned me before about the cards. They said, “Be careful what you do. It is dangerous playing with the fires of the Universe. You could open a gateway to Hell.” I felt desperate to find the answer and God would protect me. My faith brought me to the fatalistic conclusion that God’s will, will be done.

Taking it from the bookshelf, the dream book felt warm. Holding the dream book I tried to think of a question. “Yes, or no that is how to ask the question.” Flipping the pages through my fingers, I felt the right page and then slowly moved my hand across the page with my eyes closed. In the section I was pointing to it read, "For those who believe in the Bible, dreams are known for unlocking the truths of the future." Closing the book quickly, I put it away.

The dreams persisted every night, pursued by a monster, sorrow will overcome you; enemies at night, embarrassment; loving an alien, loyal friendship; angels, inheritance. Then in a moment I realized everything happens for a reason. My dreams, my dream book it was all fate. My destiny was interlocked with finding who will die soon. I may be able to save them.

Thinking of their names, I started with Josh. Five times, every time it said, "a." Stephanie again nonsense that almost made sense, but nothing. Thinking of Edward I point to "will." He was the one. Edward seemed to be the one. Five times opening it "will." The man I worked with. Probing it further it all fit could this be it. Why, what, when, by whom the story unraveled.

He had been placed on prescription drugs. The woman he was dating was trying to take his money. They had all decided he was insane, unstable. He had nothing to lose and was going along too easily. He wanted to get the last laugh and left everything to me. In his own death he would finally put and end to their treachery. Then I thought, "We are not related."

It came to my attention that everything had, became very quiet. Alone in my room, usually there was the sound of the radio. Looking up in the corner of my room the light was red. Glowing darkly against the wall the light spread out and moving around me. Realizing what I had done. I fell for temptation. The book fell from my hands. Without sound the dream book hit the ground. Temptation to know the future, I fear my dreams will no longer haunt me.

x x x

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