Fade To White

by Trevor Jones ©

Damn it, Dr. Bibobob's machine worked.

Not only was it faster and more compact than my own, it was incredibly energy efficient as well. Now he had me where he wanted me, he had beaten me to the prize. The race between two madmen to create something so horrid, yet so wonderful, had come to this. He had to rub it in my face. The situation was bad and worst of all, his completed work was point directly at my head this very moment.

Sweat beaded down my forehead. The device could be triggered by remote control...how much time did I have?

"How do you like your 'terminal coffee,', eh,Mr. Fontana? Haha!"

His laugh was a high pitched shriek, reflective of his giddily psychotic nature. I was strapped into a chair, and I saw the ion-barrel aimed right between my eyes.

Damn him - first he plagarized me, now he was going to kill me. This was all too much!

I heard footsteps circling me. "Forget the coffee, Mr. Fontana. I begin the countdown.....now."

The device was charging up; I heard it like a jet engine beginning to roar and rumble.


I struggled in my cuff holds....my wrists ached.....


The time ticked away....he was counting too fast! It wasn't fair- the bastard!


The machine started to shake from the built pressure inside - oh Lord, I was going to be the guinea pig for the test run!


I saw him set the terminal cup of coffee next to me in the corner of my eye. It took two hands to pull the trigger....


I closed my eyes and ground my teeth...the machine seemed to do the same.


(fade to white)

x x x

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